金沙电子下载app & 金沙电子下载app offers professional 屋顶清洁 services



    Roof 清洁 is an essential part of 外观清洁服务, routine home and roof maintenance. Neglecting to regularly have your roof professionally cleaned can eventually result in a number of costly repairs further down the road.

    Rather than adding 屋顶清洁 to your to-do list, consider booking a 屋顶清洁 service to come and give you a 屋顶洗.

    Here at 金沙电子下载app and 金沙电子下载app, we have trained roof technicians that are ready to visit your home and clean your roof. Continue reading to learn more about our 屋顶清洁 services or give 金沙电子下载app and 金沙电子下载app a 今天.




    Our Professional 屋顶清洁服务

    Here at 金沙电子下载app and 金沙电子下载app, our versatile team of 屋顶清洁 professionals offers two types of 屋顶洗ing services:

    1. 商业屋顶清洁
    2. 住宅屋顶清洁

    Here’s a brief rundown of both 屋顶清洁 services and why it’s important to have both your commercial and residential roofs cleaned by professionals.

    Moss has its way with roofs in the Northwest.



    作为一个企业, it is essential for you to maintain the physical appearance of your property and buildings. One way to enhance your curb appeal is by keeping your business’s roof free of debris and moss.

    如果你的屋顶不整洁, this can inspire distrust in potential clients or customers, who may wonder if a dirty roof is a sign of more serious business problems.

    To mitigate the risk of losing valuable clients, enlist our professional 屋顶清洁 service to visit your commercial building and bring your roof under control.

    To learn more about our commercial 屋顶清洁 services or to book a 屋顶清洁 technician to visit your business, give 金沙电子下载app and 金沙电子下载app a 今天.



    Our well-trained technicians have experience 清洁 nearly every kind of roof, enabling them to quickly fine-tune our 清洁 process to the unique needs of your home’s roof material.

    一般来说, we recommend that homeowners have their roofs professionally cleaned twice a year, once in the spring and again in the autumn. This ensures that seasonal debris and moss aren’t given time to inflict damage to your roof.

    To learn more about our residential 屋顶洗ing service, give 金沙电子下载app and 金沙电子下载app a 今天.

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    Why Should I Wash My Roof Regularly?

    There are five main benefits associated with having your 屋顶洗ed regularly:
    1. 保护 your home from harmful contaminants (such as algae, moss, or mildew)
    2. 保持 your home looking fresh and maintained
    3. 维护 the overall condition of your roof to avoid irreversible damage
    4. 扩展 the longevity of your roof by removing contaminants
    5. 防止 stains from appearing on your roof


    Before and after 屋顶清洁



    We offer four different 屋顶清洁 service options for home and business owners to choose from depending on their 屋顶清洁 needs. During our 屋顶清洁 service, our 屋顶垫圈 follow specific processes.

    Our 屋顶清洁 process is broken down below for each of our 屋顶清洁 options.


    A. 日常保健

    • Air-blow sticks, leaves, and other debris from the roof
    • 应用苔藓治疗
    • Clean gutters and downspouts
    • Pick up the debris that’s fallen from the roof during the air-blow and 清洁 process


    B. 屋顶刷服务

    • 从屋顶上刷苔藓
    • Air-blow loose debris from the roof
    • 应用苔藓治疗
    • Clean gutters and downspouts
    • Pick up the debris that’s fallen from the roof during the air-blow and 清洁 process


    C. 屋顶清洗服务

    • Air-blow loose debris from the roof
    • Clean gutters and downspouts
    • Apply a 清洁 agent to the roof
    • 把屋顶上的青苔洗掉
    • Clean gutters and downspouts again
    • Pick up the debris that’s fallen from the roof during the 清洁 process


    D. 屋顶软洗服务

    • Air-blow sticks, leaves, and other debris from the roof.
    • Clean gutters and downspouts.
    • Apply a 清洁 agent to the roof
    • 彻底冲洗屋顶.
    • Pick up the debris that’s fallen from the roof during the 清洁 process.




    Looking For Professional 屋顶清洁 Near You?

    Tired of a mossy or debris-ridden roof? Take back control of your roof today by contacting 金沙电子下载app and 金沙电子下载app.

    Our team of 屋顶清洁 technicians is ready to provide you with a free estimate and help you restore your roof’s professional and clean appearance.


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    Frequently Asked Questions about 屋顶清洁 and Care

    What types of roofs do you clean?

    我们清洁大多数屋顶类型: composition, aluminum, cedar shake, torch-down, pvc, and many types of tile. There are a few exceptions, however. We don’t clean soft aluminum tiles for example, due to damage liability. We also don’t clean roofs we aren’t equipped to clean safely or roofs in need of replacement or serious repair. If you have any questions about our roof care 和软洗 options for your own roof, please 金沙电子下载app.

    Why does your company use high pressure washers to clean roofs?

    The short answer is, we don’t. 我们用所有的洗衣机 低气压宽尖端 这样我们就不会破坏你的屋顶.

    The long answer is, yes, it is a well-known fact that pressure washers can do a lot of damage. 高容量, high-psi pressure washer can actually bore a hole right through concrete without much problem! Knowing this has rightfully made most homeowners wary about having anyone pressure-wash their roofs. 还有很多承包商, who know less about pressure washers than they do about the potential damage they can do, insist that a pressure washer should never be used on a roof.

    对此我们说,禁止通行,” the abuse of something doesn’t negate its proper use. Just because knives pose a threat to small children, doesn’t mean we don’t keep a few in the house and use them for preparing meals. We all know about knives because we all use them. Not everyone, however, knows about pressure washers. The truth is that a commercial pressure washer in the hands of a well-trained tech is often the softest and best approach to moss removal, especially where the only other alternative is to use a wire brush. Because there is so much misinformation about pressure washing roofs and too many “cowboys” out there with pressure washers, it might be useful here to share one piece of knowledge our techs have about washing roofs that most people and many contractors* don’t.

    仍然感到担心? Here’s a detailed explanation of how it works. You might know that the type of tip used at the end of a pressure washing wand is one of the essential components in determining the outcome of a project. And you might also know that pressure washers come with a set of tips of varying degrees, from 0° to 40° plus a rinse tip. 但 did you know that those tips are sized to match your specific machine? If you own a 4-gpm 4000psi machine, you will have a set of four tips labeled 0004, 1504, 2504, 4004. The first two digits in each of those numbers tell you the degree of the flow of water from those tips: 0°, 15°, 25°, 和40°, 分别. The last two digits tell you the size of the orifice. In this case, 04, for the 4 gallons per minute (gpm) of water your machine is designed to draw. 现在, if you were to replace these tips with size 08 tips on this particular machine, your pressure would drop substantially while you would maintain the same flow rate. You would now have a 4gpm 1000psi machine.

    在我们的案例中, we ordinarily use 8 or 10gpm machines at 3000 psi for concrete, 总, 以及其他坚硬的表面. The tips we most often use are size 09 or 10 tips. 然而, when 清洁 roofs, we use size 12, 15, or more, depending on the roof type and condition to drop the psi dramatically and eliminate the potential for damage.

    This may be more than you care to know, 但此外, there are many other things a well-trained technician knows about pressure washing such as where to hold the wand in relation to the surface, pre-soaking with 清洁 agents, what types of other tools can be used, 清洗时不要用力, 举几个例子. All our techs are well-trained, smart, and experienced in 清洁 roofs. If we offer the Roof Wash as an option for your 屋顶清洁, it will be done carefully with minimal abrasion and the end result will be beautiful.

    *Many roofing contractors know that psi can be adjusted downward. They also know that a pressure washer in the hands of a well-trained tech is often preferable for 屋顶清洁 to rubbing it over with a scraper or a wire brush. 但, since they have no idea who’s doing the 屋顶清洁, or what kind of training they might have, they often simply recommend against pressure washing roofs for anyone except themselves.


    How often should I have 屋顶洗ed?

    The best option for the life of your roof, 无论什么类型, is to never wash it (or brush it, ), but to maintain it regularly by blowing off the debris and treating the moss. 然而, this might not cut it for aesthetic preferences, especially if maintenance has been long-neglected.

    铝, 橡胶瓦(人造石板), and thick concrete tile may be washed every few years as needed without causing leaking or reducing the life of the roof. And those who simply must have their composition roof looking completely new in a very short period of time (e.g., the house is going on the market), 软洗 也许是最好的选择. If you have questions about your own situation, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our techs.


    Do you clean with air-compression?

    We use air-blowers (leaf-blowers) to remove loose debris from roofs, 我们使用大容量, low-pressure pressure washers for more thorough 屋顶清洁, but we don’t use compressed air. 我们想提供优秀的 清洁 service to our customers and haven’t been convinced that air-compression 清洁 does a great job. Unlike water, compressed-air leaves a lot of dirt behind, yet it is still hard on the roof.

    If a roof must be cleaned and made to look like new, correctly pressurized water in the hands of an experienced tech is the way to go. If routine leaf/debris removal is required for 屋顶清洁, a top-of-the-line commercial backpack blower is all that’s needed to get the job done.